The #100 to-do

I have a list of 100 things I’m going to do in my life. It’s not a bucket list, it’s not things I wish I could do – it’s things I really am going to do. I’m still putting this list together, and it covers everything I’ve wanted to accomplish or experience since I can remember.

I’m taking items from that list one by one. They are :


Publish a book

Write a blog

Own real estate

Quit my job

Drive a dodge muscle car

Drive a classic car

Own a Mercedes Benz G-class, jeep wrangler, the hummer 3.

Travel around Europe (road trip)

Travel around Africa

Visit the Eiffel tower

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

Visit the visit the statue of liberty

Visit the grand canyon

Visit the colleseum in Rome

Visit the great wall of china

Las Vegas baby ( with Kc)

Visit the Yellowstone national park

Witness the Rio carnival

Witness the northern lights in Alaska

Jump off a cliff into the ocean

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go on a safari

Go skydiving

Go on a road trip with my friends

Throw a huge party for all my friends

Go shark cage diving

Live in a foreign country at least 3 months

Swim with dolphins

Scuba dive

Own  a wild animal

Own dogs

Adopt a Child

Date a hot model or celebrity

Find love, get married

Be a dad

Climb a high mountain

Start a business

Consult on business

Own a restaurant

Found a tech company

Design clothes, own a fashion label

Become an angel investor

Make a hit music track

Record an album

Play drums in a live band

See Florence and the machine live

See Lana Del Rey live

See Alicia keys live

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo

Meet Robert Downey Jnr

Do interviews with people who inspire me

Build something that would outlast me

Speak publicly

Host a podcast

Mentor someone

Work with a charity

Run a marathon

Fly first class

Ride in a helicopter

Show love to everyone

Write a book about my life

Drink a very expensive bottle of wine

Watch a final match live

Watch Liverpool live

Make a million dollars

Appear on TV

Learn a foreign language

Read 52 books in a year

Collect artwork.