Hello, Who’s Dumtochi?

Dumtochi D. Onyendi is a N.E.R.D- a Never Ending Radical Dude.

He’s a Writer and entrepreneur, and he loves adventure.

Weekdays he works as a Financial Inclusion? Agency Banking Solution Consultant at Keystone Bank, and Weekends he finds creative avenues to spend his time. Most times his work spills over to the weekend, so he’s always working. But when he’s free, he reads, writes and works on his passion projects.

Eventually, he wants to buy and develop real estate around the world so he can have money and free time to travel the world, experience different cultures, help Kids around and do other inspiring stuff.

TheDumtochi.com is his creative space where he documents his experiences, nerdy ideas, projects and goals. He writes about his adventures as a 26 yr. old non-conformist usually in the context of adventure, being more productive and finding satisfaction in life. Basically, He writes personal development advice that is cool.

Most importantly, Dumtochi provides education and tools to help you make your life and your business thrive, by teaching you which actions will get you what you want.

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