A quickie On Creativity

We all loved creating when we were children— making something out of anything or just plain messing around.

Maybe lately, We haven’t found the time and inspiration to engage in any new creative projects.
Sure, we still want to write, take amazing photos, paint, do some crafts or play the drums, but life gets in the way.
When we finally find the time, inspiration leaves us hanging. Good ideas stay far away. And then, we start to think we should postpone our creative endeavors until we’re less busy or older or even financially stable… LOL.

If we regularly take time to work on a project that challenges us, we’d most likely see beautiful changes in many areas of our life.
The sense of self-confidence, satisfaction, and accomplishment we get when we look at our completed work and show it off is supreme. I’ve felt this way a couple of times.

On the flipside, by not expressing it, we hide a part of our true self. And Over time this can make us upset, bitter, or even hate on the people doing what we want to do. it pretty much messes with our state of mind and could even negatively impact our relationships. I’ve unfollowed a number of Instagram accounts just because of this.

Our creativity and inspiration are only waiting to be expressed. I think we should (try to) embrace them because of the many wonderful benefits they bring.
Its time we start sharing our creative gifts with the world.
Grab a pen or laptop, paintbrush, camera, or whatever and F_ get started.

Have an amazing day.

Break a Leg.

PS- I’ve started writing again.
& AND &
I’m starting a Podcast.
Topics and script are still vague but I’d interview a couple of people who are doing amazing in their fields.
Its gonna be LIT! You know I don’t disappoint.

Anyone have ideas on how to PODCAST???
hit me up ASAP…


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