The Jaywon Experience+ 3 lessons

During my NYSC year, I developed a hobby of vagabonding. Wandering from place to place in search of the next adventure. NYSC year was generally a waste but you know, one just had to make the most of it.

In one of my adventures, I went to Gallileos lounge in Abeokuta for a party. My cousin- Jerry, manages the club and he has a good habit of inviting popular celebrities to grace his events. It happened that Jaywon was the celebrity invited to this party. I went with my Homeboy Skillz for this gig.

One of the events at Gallileo Lounge Abeokuta
One of the events at Gallileo Lounge Abeokuta

Soft party.

Music was good as always, drinks on the table and of course, babes yapa.

It was Jayown’s time to perform.

As he began to perform- an interesting performance, hit after hit, men began to pop bottles. Me, I just didn’t do pass,  because my money no reach those men level. I just humbly sipped my drink and rocked.

Somehow in the whirlwind of loud music and drinks, I found myself near the celebrity crew, dancing and turning up. Tout mode activated.

I have known that in my life, I’m supposed to be around great people so I  just followed the vibe.

Jaywon began to sing his hit song- ‘this year’ and it was turnt!

All men began to spray Bills oh. I am like, what is happening here, ok this is a normal level.

more bills.

and more bills.

oh Boy, the just dey spray money like no tomorrow and it’s like the money refused to finish.

So here I am, a NYSC corper (who earned two salaries though), in a party that was lit, near a great person, with “we making money this year” playing in the background and abundant Naira bills flying in different directions, in a poorly lit environment where no one really knew me. omo mehn … sharp Ibo boy brain kicked in o.

You solve the equation.

That is what you call a divine situation of right place at right time.

Before I realized what was happening, my brain started doing a remix of Jaywon’s ‘this year’ and lagbaja’s ‘pa de mi ni isale’. My knees went down and my hands started picking up N1000 Naira bills carefully. Picking up naira bills that were inconsequential to Jaywon and them boys.

I think my brain was trying to be logical saying “Dum, you shouldn’t be doing this”, but my emotions were busy at work through my hands and I was getting richer as a result, so I just allowed my hands to earn me more money. wetin consine me?

Within two minutes, I had rapidly picked just enough money and left that space before all men began to notice me. I even felt Jaywon’s eyes staring at me but he just allowed that-guy-boning-face-and-bending-down (me) to do his thing.

Guys, I had enough to take.

Rich Neega ways!
Rich Neega ways!

From my earnings, I first bought sharwarma for me and Skillz. Maybe I paid for our food too, I can’t remember. I transported myself in Ac car to Ibadan, I bought provisions for my house. I even did Orijin and catfish for fola as I got back to IB.

What are you talking???. That money fed me on a low till Tuesday. You get.

Good times.

Please do not try this in Lagos. You shall be highly shamed.

Anyways, I remembered this story and figured I’d share, not to make you guys laugh o, but to show you some positives in it. I’m not going to go all zen on you and write an epistle of lessons learned but here are the 3 things I got from that experience:

1. Hang around great people. 

Because of my cousin’s work, I like to hang out with him. Association. If he wasn’t a great club manager and hype man how would he have gotten a celebrity to grace the event?

Jerry still doing his thing.

2. Position yourself for the opportunity.

I was at the right place – Galileo and at the right time- JMT- Jaywon Money Time.

3. Take risks.

Be sharp, take your chance when it comes. Either its picking Jaywon money or trying out a new idea. It may take a while before one comes again.

You could say this story is twisted and what I did was not cool but who cares? I displayed attributes for success right there. I saw an opportunity, took the risk and it paid! Paid for days…

Without further ado,

If you want a more interesting life, you should be where the opportunities are and take your chance. When you have a good idea, when you see a good business, see a girl/guy you like, a new experience etc.  take your chance. It might end up paying for days like mine, or months or even years…

Just take your chance.

That’s all for now.

Till next time, have a great week guys.

and don’t forget,

Be Epic.

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  1. bro! I applaud you.

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