Never Wait

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Oh well, look at me?

What advice do I have to give you?

Me? Not as successful as I should at 26

Me? A master procrastinator.

Me? Haven’t fulfilled my dreams since I was a kid because of plain laziness.

Me? that I have not even mastered myself.

Me? Me that can think for Africa without making a move after.

Mr. bark no bite.

Mr. so -many-ideas-can’t-focus-on-one.

A quitter.

Mr Cant-finish-a -task in time.

Me? With no other steady stream of income except my salary working at a job takes my whole week.

And if I lost that job, I don’t have an adequate savings cushion to survive for even 6 months.

I don’t even have a car. A small corolla, I don’t have.


So who am I to advise you?

Obviously, I can’t advise on how to be successful because I am yet to be.

I can’t advise you on how to achieve your dreams because I have yet to.

I can’t even try to advise you on how to make plenty money, because I am not even near making what I think is plenty.

I could continue listing all the things I am not but trust me, we would sleep here and I know that you didn’t bring a bed. You don’t give a rats ass about what I am not, what I haven’t achieved and all other lamentations. You’re only here to learn something.


Looking back, There’s one thing I have learnt from my unsuccessful self in the last few years.

I waited 

I wanted for the right time,

the right person,

For the right place,

For the exact sum of money,

for the right idea

Oh, for the right girl…

(You get it)

And that’s why I haven’t become successful.

Never wait.

Please be warned- Reading and planning too much can be procrastination in disguise.


Don’t be like I used to.  That’s the only advice I have.

Never wait for the right time.

Never wait for the right people.

Never wait for the right environment.

Never wait for money.

Never wait for the right idea.

For the right market.

For the right something …

(You get the point)

Waiting is dangerous.

On behalf of the United States of Sharpness, I plead with you stop waiting and just do what you have to.

The only right time is now.

The best time to do it is now. 

The best time to start is now.

Be epic!

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  1. THIS!!!

  2. Lol…..united states of sharpness😂😂

    1. abi now. we all need to be citizens!

  3. Debby Effiong says: Reply

    Wow, this is nice. Never wait for the “right” time, the right time is now. God bless you for this inspiring piece bro.

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